Bare Bones Body Care was born from years of sensitive skin and allergic reactions. When I was younger, my skin started to react to the mainstream skin care brands and I was forced to switch to the "all natural" options available. Every time I read the label of a skin care product my brain went on ingredient overload. I never knew what I was putting on my body until I did the research when I quickly realized that an "all natural" label doesn't usually refer to most the ingredients inside; in fact, the labels tend to mention just one or two of them. Bare Bones is about using only ingredients that will make your skin the happiest skin in all the land. Some elements are made from scratch, and others are sourced from organic and/or local suppliers. All products are vegan and not tested on animals. No dirty secrets or skeletons on our closet, just the good stuff.

All I wanted were skin care products that had as few ingredients as possible, did what they were supposed to and weren't harmful to me in any way...so I started making my own. I make cleanser, toner, moisturizer and lip balm in my kitchen. Try some?

- Monica