Zero Chill For Toxins
No dirty secrets or skeletons in our closet, just the good stuff.

Don't break the bank

We think that everyone should have access to affordable products that are non toxic and actually work. Our promise to you is to make safe body care something that doesn't break your bank.


Ever wondered what the heck is happening on an ingredient label? Sometimes it seems impossible to tell. Ingredients are hard to pronounce or recognize, and some aren't even listed because laws give companies the freedom to leave them off entirely. Unfortunately, they can take advantage of the out of date laws put in place to protect formulas by adding harmful ingredients without our knowledge. We know and believe that personal care products can be formulated without the 1,373 ingredients that are prohibited by the European Union, but not by the U.S. We deserve transparency in all product ingredients and for companies to be required to list ALL ingredients on their label.

Animal Friendly

No animal should have ever have to suffer, especially not for beauty or hygiene products. We believe that if product ingredients are non toxic then the need animal testing becomes obsolete. By using nourishing ingredients from the Earth, we can enjoy body care that saves lives.