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Bare Bones Body Deodorant Caroline

Switching to natural deodorant is different for everyone. Sometimes it works immediately, sometimes it takes 2 weeks (or even a month), and sometimes you find out that your pits do not agree with baking soda. At Bare Bones Body, we embrace the weirdness that comes with switching to a safe deodorant option and want to know your experience. The evidence of deodorant contributing to cancer is all over the place and really comes down to the fact that no one really knows. This is true for a variety of reasons, maybe they can’t track the results, or haven’t done the research, or simply don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look out for ourselves. A great example came about this week and happens to be a great victory as well! The FDA finally banned triclosan (a common ingredient in deodorant) in all soaps with antibacterial chemicals, saying the industry has failed to prove they were safe in the long term and that they are more effective than simple soap and water. This is a perfect parallel to how we feel about most products, just because they are deemed safe right now, doesn’t mean they are, and we choose to use the purest and most non toxic ingredients just in case.

But I digress….

This was Caroline’s experience when she switched to our deodorant, in her own words.

xo Monica

Day 1:

Not sure what to expect but I am a moderate sweat-er and have been using Mitchum for as long as I can remember. Not very satisfied with my current deodorants waxy residue days afterward (probably isn’t safe) and the major sweat it causes but never explored any organic deodorants. I was always under the impression that they were usually too pricey or didn’t work for me. Very excited to give it a try because I’ve been really wanting something better.

Day 2:

I expected the initial application of the deodorant to feel hard or candle wax like but it turns out it’s soft and has a lotion-like texture. Really pleased with the overall scent after 10+ hours of moderate lifting and fast paced work and didn’t cause as much perspiration as my previous deodorant.

Day 4:

Still really shocked with how neutral my underarms smell in addition to my clothing. I’m used to washing my tops regularly because Mitchum usually made me sweat more and have a stronger scent.

Day 7:

Realizing the coconut oil in Bare Bones is softening my underarm hair which makes for less darkness and a smoother/less frequent shaving! Wondering if this is the beginning of wanting to use coconut oil for everything…

Day 8:

Got some deodorant on my top while squeezing into it shortly after, didn’t make a giant white streak rather a moist like mark that I was able to rub out with the corner of my damp towel.

Day 11:

Finally using the deodorant with a more exposed blouse. I did sense a little more moisture than usual maybe considering the skin contact and blazing weather but the scent was still neutral.

Day 13:

Noticed I don’t need so many swipes of deodorant these days, one will do not even a whole two and a half or three swipes needed. Also the circular shape makes for easier application when fishing through the neck of my top for those last minute applications.

Day 14:

I have to say I feel like bragging about the deo I use now. Not only does it make me smell good, but I’m more confident about going for the over hug. Honestly it’s an absolute ace in my book and I’m in shock that a product of this caliber is made in a locally with such few ingredients! You go girl.




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